The history of the company Vlasa & Black starts back in 2006 year, when two enthusiasts, Vlasa and Black – first one active musician and handyman of all kinds, second one developer at furniture company and music fan, decided to develop and build their own guitar loudspeaker boxes. The initial impulse was the finding that producing of any box on customer’s request is not a problem. And for much better price than reputable brands, with using high quality materials. Prior to the “production” outset, several comparative tests and measurements were carried out to determine the criteria of production technology and cabinet construction. Emphasis was put not only on the high stiffness, which has a positive effect on the specificity of the played tone, both in treble and bass (which will certainly be appreciated especially by fans of brutal down-tuning or seven-string guitar players), but also on things that today’s guitarists are interested in, what means UNCOMPROMISING SOUND AND DESIGN. Boxes must look understated, while emitting some grandeur.

Two basic model series have been designed, which are probably the most popular among guitarists. Version 4× 12 and 2× 12. which are even subdivided into Rocker (Celestion G12T75) and Metal Man (Celestion Vintage 30), according to the speakers used.

We are planning to build also version 1× 12 and bass boxes 8× 10, 4× 10 and 1× 15, and also some custom tube amplifier designed in cooperation with NVE Amplifiers, manufacturing tube amplifiers of the highest quality for nearly 20 years of experience.

Besides the standardized models we currently produce boxes according to the customer’s wishes as well. Such as (1× 10 for Paladran and SALVATION module tests) with a removable rear panel, or diverse color variations (orange, white and other colors). We also offer choosing of any type and brand of speakers according to the wishes and requirements of the future owner.

Motto: We do not pretend anything! Our sound will kick you!