The history of Vlasa&Black is leading back to 2006 when two enthusiasts (surprisingly Vlasa and Black) have decided to develop and build their own guitar cabinets (one being a musician and a handyman of a sort, the other working as a designer for a furniture producing company and music fan). The first impulse was a realization that to build almost any customised guitar cabinet is not really a problem. And that being possible for a lot better cost than a renowned mark on the market, still using high quality materials. Before actual „manufacture“ was started a lot of comparison tests and measurements were carried out to set the criteria for the manufacturing technology and cabinet construction. The focus is on high wood rigidity that influences the clarity of the sounding tone in both bass and pitch (which may be very interesting for whoever down-tunes a lot, or uses seven-or more-string guitars), but also to what matters most to all guitar players, SOUND AND DESIGN WITHOUT COMPROMISES (the cabinets must look decent yet cool and majestic).
Two base model lines were designed based on what is currently required most often, 4×12 type and 2×12 type, which are also divided based on speakers used, to a Rocker type (Celestion G12T75), and Metal Man type (Celestion Vintage30).
We’re planning also a 1×12 type, and bass cabinets 8×10, 4×10 and 1×15. A combination with a custom amplifier designed in cooperation with NVE Amplifiers is also on option (NVE Amplifiers has been designing and building hi-tech valve amplifiers for almost 20 years.
We are also building, apart from the „standard“ types, fully customised cabinets based on customer requirements (for example 1×10 cabinet for the Paladran project and for SALVATION modules testing, models with removable back-panel, or different colour variations like orange, white or whatever …). We also offer to our customers the option of putting their name, nick or a logo to the front cover grille, or to choose whatever type or manufacturer of speakers the customer wants to be used for the cabinet.

Motto: We’re serious. The sound that kicks you up!